Unboxing a Bebop drone + sky controller

0 Posted by - 26th February 2015 - Drones

https://paulbratcher.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2015/02/P1000593.jpg Exciting moment, the Bepop drone + sky controller arrived today. So I thought I would grab some early quick photos, unbox it and show whats in the box. 

P1000586I am participating in the UK Tester Programme, however I am under absolutely no obligation to say nice things, so the disclaimer is, I will post what I find out with no editorial over-rides from the supplier. That said, heres my first views. I have and do own some other drones, I would classify myself as an experienced photographer, but not an experienced drone pilot.

In the box (which was a nice sturdy box to open, it survived transit to me with no damage),

  • The Drone (mine is yellow)
  • 4 spare props
  • body bumper guards made of foam (like the original parrot ar drone, i expect they will require tape when you hit the walls)
  • A prop Spanner thing (official name now)
  • 3 Batteries
  • The sky controller
  • The Weird make your iPad into a FPV goggles experience sunshade thing (also its new official name)
  • A strap to hang it around your neck
  • Charger
  • Multi Country Plugs
  • 2 quick start pamphlets

It all feels pretty sturdy in the hands, the controller has a huge chunk of weight on it so it is a good job it has a strap. The body of the quad looks tough, with a bit of polystyrene on the nose, the camera has a nice sense cap which rubber bands on. The body guards push on and off.P1000587

What do i think should be in the box thats missing

  • A decent manual, i expect theres one on line, but really would it have hurt to put something in the box!
  • A learning to fly responsibly new pilots guide
  • A dont panic what to do if it goes wrong Sticker or pamphlet
  • A 4th Battery
  • A second charger…. (maybe thats me just being impatient)

P1000591Size wise here is a picture of the drone compared to a DJI Phantom, Blade Nano qx and a Blade 180 qx. Its a little larger than the Blade 150x (not by much if you take off the body bumper guards), and significantly smaller than the DJI. It will be interesting to see how the three blade props compare for flight performance vs the 2 blade ones. It will also be interesting to see how it fares in the wind, it is quite a bit lighter than the DJI.

Next up to read the documentation, and I also noticed there is a firmware upgrade to be had, batteries to be charged, tablets to have apps installed, manuals to be downloaded and read through.

Biggest fears… software, pretty much every app I have seen from a drone manufacturer can be buggy, not such an issue when its a little ground robot, but when its a drone 200 foot up, thats more exciting. I will try to shoot through some video on all the drones at the same time, some stills to show the differences over the next couple of weeks. Over here in the Uk we are still in “exciting changeable” weather, and rain season (if there is ever not a rain season).

Heres a couple more photos to finish off.

P1000603 P1000600 P1000599 P1000598 P1000593