Bebop rough first flight

0 Posted by - 27th February 2015 - Drones My Flight time: 44 mins to date

I managed to grab a little early morning flight time with the bebop. Its fast, it was also quiet nerve wracking. I have linked the whole flight video. Its not in a pretty location, its full of what most peoples first flights are like! Oh and its not crash free.


Its robust, flies very nimbly and the video is stable.  Flight time was a good 12 minutes on the single battery. The sky controller is really cool to use in the hands. Taking a photo mid video is nice. Take off and landings are really nice.


Even though it wasn’t windy, really struggled to hold a stable position. Some of this may have been GPS loss, but often GPS was green. The drift could be from a few feet to several yards. It made for a nervous experience!

So I have upgraded the Firmware, will take it out again in a few days (in a more open space, and not over water!)

Total flight time: 11 mins