when it goes awry

0 Posted by - 27th January 2015 - Drones

flight time by now: 34 mins

I had in mind a flight using ground station, i thought i was prepared having read the forums and sought advice.

So i had set a short circular route around (well above) the house, taking the advice to have the first and last waypoint above the home point. Everything went well.. to start, up the drone zoomed to the first way point, and there it stayed. Waypoint 2 – 5… nada did nothing. Hmm, no control with the sticks, no control on the app….. a bit of panic, but still loads of battery.

A bit of a fidddle…


ok turn off transmitter, drone wobbles a bit but stays where it is, auto return to home seemingly doing nothing, maybe i didnt wait enough… turn on the transmitter, reconnected and now the app is working, re-sends the way points.. this is when i see the end flight auto land button is now available.


The drone comes hurtling to earth, bouncing off the ground by about 10 foot, inverting and then digging the flowerbed. Manage to make the motors shut down… a lot of dirt and that sinking feeling…

Damage, props. everything else seems ok, i guess the next flight will be a nervous one to check all is good and stable.

I have since learnt that the s1 switch can over ride and give back manual control….

flight time: terrifying 10 mins