unboxing, manuals and getting started

0 Posted by - 24th January 2015 - Drones

I settled on the DJI Phantom 2+ (v3), I was attracted to the product, its overall integration to software, seemed to have loads of great people and images being produced. I am writing this a bit out of time (this was earlier in the month when I took the plunge).

It arrived, and the unboxing was pretty pleasent, i bought mine from wheelspin models who were super prompt on delivery (i also later bought a backpack from them to make traveling easier). What I was less impressed with was the manuals and how to get going stuff, more of which to do with landing I didnt know yet, but I had to “look forwards to”.

Setup time, charging and all that other stuff was simple (apart from the RC handset now was USB charged not batteries, like I said the manual perhaps is in need of a revisit).