Oh, thats very stable

0 Posted by - 26th January 2015 - Drones

flight time by now: 24 mins

It was a beautiful crisp clear morning, I was up early just after sunrise and didn’t need to be in the car till a little later. The photographer in me thought this is a great chance for a frost chilled shot of the house and the village.

So using the super new spin around calibration for compass, pre flight check and a little patience of the drone (i know it needs a name) went, up to about 100 foot, back a little nice line of site piloting. Grabbed a couple of nice shots.

DCIM101MEDIAI then decided to do the 360 rotate on video. That was the stuff that really made me recognise just how magical the gimble and stability is. Bodes well for future shots. Then a drift down to my first perfectly pleasant ground landing, turning off the rotors by just holding down the left stick until it stops, no more sudden leap left! (thanks youtube)

Flight time: 10 mins