Hysteria for a hobby

0 Posted by - 31st January 2015 - Drones

Uninformed and hysteria seems to be a common media thing these days. A drone crashes into the white house tree, a 15 mile flight ban. People digging up footage of extreme modified drones, huge things with rocket launchers.

As soon as the military started flying UAV’s that could deliver remote payloads, its inevitable that technology trickle down and emulation was going to occur. It’s basically what people do, what they have always done.

Commercial hobby drones have been used for disruptive activity for ages, the video above is from 2008. (and its funny)

Lots of other hobbies or opinions get sensationalised or demonised depending on who / what is being discussed.

for example video games, pretty much every release of grand theft auto tries to / implies based on feeble to no fact how its bad for the people.

My opinion, for what its worth. Is people should read more, think more, and calm the heck down.

The world will always have people who just want to watch the world burn (thanks Alfred from batman)

If we always in legislation or software constrain ourselves from the “might be used for bad”, “someone might”, we risk loosing that amazing inspiring creating moment, photograph, image that can change everything.

The world is full of wonder, stop and look at it, rather than reading hacked sensationalised reports. Make up your own mind, if you choose to embrace paranoia, rather than wonder. Live here.