​Our security has always been superior: Amazon CTO

0 Posted by - 7th April 2017 - Technology

AWS CTO Werner Vogels in Sydney this week

AWS CTO Werner Vogels in Sydney this week

Security of information stored in the public cloud has always been superior to what organisations can achieve on-premise, according to Amazon’s chief technology officer, Werner Vogels.

In an interview with CIO Australia, Vogels, who was in Sydney this week for the AWS Summit, said security will forever be the public cloud giant’s number one priority.

“You can’t be in a consumer business or any business today without making [information] security your number one priority. It will forever be our number one priority to protect our customers whether they are retail customers or cloud customers,” he said.

Vogels told CIO Australia that there were myths and FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] in the early days “from the traditional players in the market bashing cloud about security not being good enough.”

“In essence, security in the cloud has always been superior to what people can achieve on premise and it’s clear to see there are governments moving, financial services is moving – anybody that has access to any personally identifiable information will put their things in the cloud,” said Vogels.

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