Lego’s new Star Wars Rebel Snowspeeder is a work of beauty

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Lego has been churning out Star Wars sets for almost two decades now, and they keep getting better. This week, the company announced a new version of the Rebel Snowspeeder seen in The Empire Strikes Back, and it is the most impressive one yet. The toy’s designers paid keen attention to the little details on this particular set, and it has me itching to pick one up.

The 1,703-piece model will hit stores on May 4th, and will retail for $199.99 in the US. Like the other models in the Ultimate Collector Series, it will come with a card and display stand.

What sets this particular toy apart from the other variants is the incredible amount of detail that its designers put into it. In the video above, they describe how they pointed the vehicle’s lasers at a slight angle to match what was seen on the film, and created a sticker sheet for the vehicle’s paint job and even power couplings. The cockpit has a ton of detailed controls, with guns tucked in next to the seats. They also created an entirely new windscreen part to better match the on-screen version. Finally, the minifigures that come with the set have some special details with some extra printing, and specialized helmets for specific characters in the film.

The Rebel Snowspeeder was one of the inaugural sets when Lego first released its Star Wars line in 1999. This new version goes above and beyond the original one, but it’s cool to see just how sophisticated the sets have gotten in that intervening 20 years.

Image: Lego

Image: Lego

Image: Lego

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