Portal for the Microsoft HoloLens is a triumph

0 Posted by - 7th February 2017 - Technology


I’m making a note here: Huge success!

Canadian game developer Kenny Wang is having a lot of fun with his Microsoft HoloLens. The programmer and designer, who specializes in augmented reality projects, just made a pretty slick version of Portal and it looks fantastic.

In the video above you can see Wang’s facsimile of the Companion Cube hurtle through the familiar orange and blue portals on its way to terminal velocity. The simulation appears to hold up even when projected onto distant surfaces like the end of a long hallway. There’s collision for knocking over turrets, and he’s even contrived a way to tumble objects down a flight of stairs.

The polish on the AR demo reminded me a lot of the PokéLens hack from late last year.

Sure enough, that was Wang’s work as well. In a recent update he even added voice commands.

Microsoft’s HoloLens has been available widely for more than a year now. The system isn’t intended for consumers, and is still prohibitively expensive. Units start at $3,000.

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