Uber Gives Cities Free Travel-Time Data

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Uber is now "leveraging anonymous GPS information from hundreds of thousands of online Uber vehicles" using a new tool called Uber Movement. An anonymous reader quotes USA Today:
Uber is going to make urban traffic and mobility data gleaned from its millions of drivers and riders using the Uber app freely available to all. The data, which shows anonymized travel times between points in cities, will be available on a public website called Uber Movement. Uber says it will first invite planning agencies and researchers to access the information and then make the website free to the public… The San Francisco-based company decided to release the data when it realized it had "this very valuable but untapped resource for understanding a city’s transportation infrastructure," said Andrew Salzberg, Uber’s head of transportation policy…
Pegged to a transportation conference in DC on Sunday, the release is also likely is a bid to gain some goodwill with cities, with which Uber has often had bare-knuckled fights over regulation… Uber Movement doesn’t map individuals rides, but rather segments of rides, focusing on travel time between specific points… The Uber data will give cities a low-cost way to do high-resolution travel time analysis
Boston’s chief information officer says the new tool "gives people tools to ask us questions. That’s really powerful."

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