Box CEO: It’s the ‘best time in history to be CIO’

0 Posted by - 21st December 2016 - Technology

Box CEO Aaron Levie has a message of hope for CIOs as they approach 2017: “I think it’s the best time in history to be a CIO, because you have so many great companies working on your behalf to enable you to have way better technology in your organization,” he says.

Levie’s positive outlook runs counter to many IT trends and common perceptions. CIOs’ grip on technology and budgetary oversight has been challenged for years as marketing executives and others throughout their organizations gain influence and power of the purse. For example, a November Gartner report concluded that marketing technology budgets will exceed the amount of money CIOs spend on tech in 2017.

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Box CEO Aaron Levie

However, Levie sees signs of a collective turnaround for CIOs. The burden of responsibility that IT leaders carry in the enterprise, coupled with the modernization of business tools and IT infrastructure, puts CIOs in a greater position of strength as organizations transform, he says. “Ten years ago we had an environment where innovation was very scarce and there weren’t a lot of great tools that people could use,” Levie says. “Now I would say we’re in the opposite environment. We are in an era of IT abundance where we’ve got amazing applications and services, and have the opposite problem, which is sort of, ‘which ones do I choose?'”

IT modernization an opportunity for CIOs

Companies of all sizes recognize that the future is in the cloud, and there is a huge push to modernize the traditional IT stack, according to Levie. “We are going to see a dramatic change in how enterprise software is designed and how enterprise software takes advantage of all the data that’s in our platforms to produce way better outcomes for customers,” he says. “It’s a great time to be in enterprise software if you are driving innovation, and it’s a great time to be in enterprise IT because so many great players are working to make your life and job easier.”

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