​Will AWS+1 become the default cloud strategy of 2017?

0 Posted by - 5th December 2016 - Technology

Andy Jassy - CEO, Amazon Web Services

Andy Jassy – CEO, Amazon Web Services

As 2017 beckons, CIOs are widely expected to accelerate the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) alongside a second public cloud service, presenting other providers with new revenue streams.

Billed as AWS+1, the emerging operating principle comes at a time when industry analysts predict the rise of cloud-services brokers, as outlined during AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas.

Findings from 451 Research report that in addition to supporting fiduciary responsibility, a blended cloud strategy ensures CIOs are not locked into a single vendor or location while gaining the flexibility to match applications, workloads and service requests.

With large enterprises now spending millions of dollars each year on cloud services, this expenditure has become a noticeable line item on balance sheets.

But with an AWS+1 strategy, the analyst firm claimed that the CFO and CIO can demonstrate “value, choice and flexibility”.

“In 2017, the growth of hybrid cloud services will usher in the widespread use of brokerages to deliver the right combination of offerings to meet different needs,” 451 Research vice president, William Fellows, said.

“Brokers will need to provide access to a range of services – their own as well as third-party and partner offerings – or risk that customers will go elsewhere.”

Looking ahead, Fellows believes brokers’ success will depend on the ability to deliver multiple cloud service types and for those services to be destinations for new application deployments, modernised (as-a-service) and migrated applications.

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