​Why you should embrace Shadow IT

0 Posted by - 28th November 2016 - Technology

As a CIO, you will discover business-driven projects are already underway and you or your team haven’t been included in them. How do you react to this?

You already have a full plate and the portfolio is stretched thin with obvious resource constraints. So what do you do? There are many options open but many of these choices are the wrong ones.

Ignore them

One approach is just to assume that these projects are not strategic or important, so you can just choose to ignore them. They’re out of sight and out of mind. You’re not personally accountable for delivery, so you’re safe to pretend it doesn’t matter.

My view is that this is not the right approach. Many shadow IT projects are just a time bomb waiting to detonate. Assuming that ignorance is a good defence will depend on the company that you work for. But the reality is that any unauthorised work is taking organisational bandwidth from the IT team or other business areas.

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