Infrastructure is the new IT

0 Posted by - 3rd May 2015 - Technology

I was reading this article and it provoked a conclusion to me. I have been looking into Devops, infrastructure as a service, the uprise of the maker community, 3d printing. Some of this is because of work, some because of the particular hobbies I am spending time on at the moment. What have I concluded.

The pace of getting able to do just stuff is entering a golden age. Theres no shortage of infrastructure, even to enterprise level that would enable you to leapfrog the start up, or possibly more interestingly rebuild.

“It’s much easier for startup’s they dont have the baggage

Is that really true, does enterprise need to have baggage, or could it have a clean split. To go cloud based on some of the hygiene infrastructure might not be as hard as it looks. Facing into it, there is also the common feeling that technology at home, is more up to date than technology at work. Perhaps its time to consider strategy for some of the foundations in a much more radical way.

Cloud strategy seems to be data centre, or web centric delivery. It’s all about getting out to the end consumer quicker, for an enterprise with a large staff base, would a better target be making it better in house. Could Identity Management, File and Print, Application service be revolutionised. There are large numbers of patterns and adoptions of cloud solutions for these. From highly traditional (just moving the platform), to organisational change (moving from Microsoft to google apps for example)

If you fixed some of this baggage first, would the infrastructure as a consumable service be easier to adopt towards.

So how near is this maker revolution? The software startup and disruption revolution is well underway, the technology and approaches to making it easy for this is established. Every conference or event you attend can have a startup show case of how some guys in a garage built a massive customer  / data / advertising / picture taking / social network app (delete as appropriate).  What I am interested in is the rise of the “maker”.

Hobby forums are now full of people using 3d printing to make everything from lens hoods for drones, to spare parts, to crazy multi thousand pound light fittings.  Theres a drive for deep electronics again at an educational level, home robot arm kits, software to control all manner of radio control devices.

It seems to me the sweet spot we are approaching is using the cloud for smart processing, to bespoke connected devices. Some of these will be polished, for example Nest some will be rough and ready. It strikes me that software is becoming utility, physical hardware is becoming accessible so that you can join and realise the two as a product.

That just leaves the three things we aren’t helping to teach, or even maybe valuing as a resource.

  1. Idea generation
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Safe to experiment and fail

If it’s possible to make the enterprise agile, cloud orientated, to really leverage it how do we help people to do the above.