Easter Extravaganza off flight time

0 Posted by - 7th April 2015 - Drones

http://mydronediary.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/DJI00102-1024×724.jpg Flight time so far: 2h 31min

Flight’s galore over this weekend (well and Tuesday). Had good weather on easter Monday so went to take all the drones for a flight. I feel that it is my job to get other people into drone flying now, so first order of the flights was to get my Brother some air time. 

He flew both the bebop and the DJI (the new one with stage 3 flight mods), bebop loads of fun to fly and easy, the new DJI, flew like a charm, Strong video link out to 377m, which is far! We even caught some footage of a hawk in the field doing its thing (well when we say caught, we mean in the distance). Then, decided to take a chance flying above the mist on our local lake. I tried out a couple of different flight apps. They warrant further investigation as the FPV range on them seems very variable, and greater than the default DJI app.

flight time: 50 mins