above buxton

0 Posted by - 27th March 2015 - Drones

http://mydronediary.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Peaks-Sunset-1024×895.jpg flight time so far: 2h 14m

Opportunity and timing lead to a drive through the peak district. I still have some challenges on exposure for photographs. Strangely video seems better. For sunsets i tend to let exposure go over by .7.

Its easier to pull back over exposure than recover the blacks with no details. In post production in photoshop I then managed the overall exposure. As it was a raw image there was need for contrast and sharpness. I then edited out a couple of walls to make the composition a little more pleasing.

Starting to get some good results. Now i need to get back up to speed on Photoshop cc version.

flight time: 17mins